Anyone else fancy a wander off the beaten tourist track? Have a read of my latest London Calling feature to find out about these brilliant attractions that have been hiding in plain sight (and/or zone 8):

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Here at Everything Theatre, as our name suggests, we really like our theatre. We like it so much, it’s pretty much all we talk about. And while there’s nothing wrong with that, we do sometimes risk forgetting theatre can be even more awesome when combined with other forms of art. Fortunately, there are plenty of people who specialise in these kinds of crossovers. We caught up with Theatre and Photography author Joel Anderson, who serves as the MA Theatre Criticism and Dramaturgy course leader at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama, to talk about what makes these two disciplines such an interesting combo.

Being the massive drama geek that I am, you can sell me on pretty much anything that has a sprinkling of theatre added to it. So, yes, I'm one of these people who really likes themed bars. The weirder, the better. And have I got some weird ones lined up for you! Just head over to London Calling to have a look:

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From this week, London is richer by another theatre. A Southwark car park made good, The Bunker aims to introduce their audiences to an entirely new kind of theatre experience. We talked to Artistic Director Joshua McTaggart and Executive Producer Joel Fisher to find out more.

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With the Bard’s birthday long past, the excitement about Shakespeare’s 400th anniversary this year seems to have calmed down a little bit. The perfect time, then, for someone to take a hard look at our collective fascination with The Complete Works of Will. That someone is storyteller and comedian Robert Crighton, whose new show Undead Bard will be playing at Theatre N16 next month. We caught up with him to talk about bardolatry, Shakespeare tax and, um… William the zombie standup comedian.