Written for Everything Theatre

‘What’s in a name?’ As a great lover of Shakespeare this is a quote that popped into my head on hearing I was going to review a show at a theatre called Chickenshed. Fortunately I can say that in this case the answer to that question is: not a lot. Quite contrary to what the name might suggest, Chickenshed is a good-sized, well-equipped theatre, run by friendly people. Don’t let its location at the end of the Piccadilly line scare you off: 45 minutes is all it takes to get back to central London. This is easily made up for by the fact it’s more spacious than a lot of theatres closer to the city centre.


After Antonioni Project and Roman Tragedies, this is the third time the Barbican welcomes Dutch theatre company Toneelgroep Amsterdam and its artistic director Ivo van Hove. Quite fittingly so, as the number three turns out to play a major part in this adaption of Ingmar Bergman’s Scenes From A Marriage.